Lodigiano Zucchelli

The true heir of “Granone lodigiano” of which retains the rigor, loyalty and absolute territoriality of the collection of the milk.

The Lodigiano Zucchelli wants to return to the “formaggio lodigiano” its cradle, that is, its historical and restricted land of origin.

Its authenticity is expressed in unique flavors and aromas, and it is the result of its traditional manufacturing jealously preserved.

The pursuit of quality is accompanied by the choice of the best milk, produced by cows grazing in fertile land of Lodi, full of water and fodder.

The Lodigiano Zucchelli is a cheese healthy and light, made from milk that has only 2.5% fat.

It’s very easy to digest because its proteins, during maturation, have been broken down into amino acids immediately assimilated by the body.

It’s also very rich in soluble calcium that is in the form of calcium lactate.

The LODIGIANO ZUCCHELLI cheese has a grainy from straw color with radial fractures and edible crust.

Its structure is grainy and fragrant.
Savory flavor but never spicy, with a sweet note final.

Raw milk Lodigiano, salt, rennet (calf), lysozyme from egg.

by reference to Annex III bis Dir.2003/89/EC, allergens present in the product are attributable to milk and its derivatives .
The technological adjuvant lysozyme is a natural protein derived from the albumen.
For more information please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the product..

Nutritional values (per 100 gr.)

Kcal 410

KJ 1717

Total Fat

30 g

of which saturated fatty acids 20g


0 g

of which sugars 0 g


33 g


1,5 g


< 0,02g/100g
(product lactose free)

Available sizes

Here we provide all cuts available of LODIGIANO ZUCCHELLI.


40-36 Kg.

half WHEEL

20-18 Kg.

quarter WHEEL

10-9 Kg.


5-4,5 Kg.

1/16 WHEEL

2 Kg.

1/32 WHEEL

1 Kg.

500 grams

500 g.

250 grams

250 g.