Raspadura Lodi Zucchelli

Product lightweight and extremely fragrant and sweet on the palate and suitable for countless culinary combinations.

The Raspadura is a grana cheese, with an aging process of 6 months, presented in very thin layers scraped with a special knife.

It’s a light and very fragrant product, with a sweet taste and it is suitable for many culinary combinations.

The “Raspadura Zucchelli” is made ​​by hand.

How originated the raspadüra ?

In the past, cheese was almost considered a luxury good, it was directed almost exclusively to high social classes or at least was brought to the city to be sold in the markets.

In the countryside remained slightly matured cheese, which can not be eaten in pieces like the matured cheese.

So it was thought to scrape the forms of 4-6 months in order to obtain a layer of soft cheese with a taste more delicate, a “raspatura” of the form that in our dialect is called raspadüra.

The invention made ​​it possible to give a little taste on polenta (in practice the only food that rural people could afford) and to last much longer the form of Granone. It was sufficient to remove from the form a very thin sheet of cheese to dress the polenta.

Then the raspadura was combined with other foods, such as the classic risotto Milanese and thanks to its delicate flavor is still is still important in the kitchen in the most diverse combinations: on pasta, on pizza, on carpaccio of raw meat, in summer salads, with pears and many other fruits… and in many ways yet to be discovered!

The RASPADURA LODI ZUCCHELLI is a thin veil of cheese , delicate, soft.

Its structure is perfumed, sweet and velvety.
Delicate flavor.

Raw milk Lodigiano, salt, rennet, lysozyme (natural protein egg).

by reference to Annex III bis Dir.2003/89/EC, allergens present in the product are attributable to milk and its derivatives .
The technological adjuvant lysozyme is a natural protein derived from the albumen.
For more information please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the product.

Nutritional values (100 gr.)

Kcal 393

KJ 1646

Total Fat

29 g

of which saturated fatty acids 20g


0 g

of which sugars 0 g


31 g


0,85 g


< 0,02g/100g
(product lactose free)

Available sizes

Here we provide all cuts available of Raspadura Lodi Zucchelli


40-36 Kg.

half WHEEL

20-18 Kg.

tray 150 grams

150 g.

tray 100 grams

100 g.