Pranzo di Natale

A selection of the best products of our territory in order to satisfy every type of palate and to make unforgettable the Christmas celebrations.


kg.1 Grana Padano Dop 24 months 1 cotechino nostrano
kg.1 Grana Padano Dop 36 months 1 jar of giardiniera gr.350
1 goat cheese to raw milk 1 jar of red onions in sweet and sour sauce gr.350
1 Pecorino Toscano to raw milk 1 jar of ragu’
1 white scamorza smoked 1 pack of handicraft Pasta Egg
gr.200 provolone nero reserve 20 months 1 bag of lentils
gr. 200 castelmagno d’alpeggio 1 bag of cornmeal coveted gr.500
gr.200 bagoss 1 handicraft  panettone kg.1
1 Jar of honey gr.500 1 pack mascarpone cheese
1 salami lodigiano 1 bottle of craft beer
1/2 Coppa Piacentina Dop 1 bottle of red wine
1 piece of Speck trentino 1 bottle of Franciacorta Pas dose’